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    Mission of the Purple Thistle

    Orienteering isn't just about winning things, gaining ranking points, getting badge times etc. its about getting out there and doing the sport you love doing. Sure, competition is great, but its not the be all and end all of sport. Its about enjoying yourself and we want you, the people, to get the chance to enjoy your weekend away orienteering, with the minimum of fuss to both you the competitors, and us the organisers.

    This event aims to offer not only orienteering on some of the best and most technical terrain in the country, but the whole experience of the weekend comes in one big package. Accommodation, Assembly, Car Parking, Finish, Toilets & Traders will all be located on one site meaning that once you've arrived, you dont have to worry about getting to the races or making it to your start times etc. Roll out of your bed, make a cup of tea, talk to your friends, enjoy some banter then head for the start when you feel like it!

    Oh, and talking about arival at the start (whenever you choose to get there, there'll be no start times), don't expect to have been constrained to running course X, enter the course you feel suits your ability. Preprinted maps, electronic punching, commentary and prizes, not to mention other entertainments will be provided all weekend.

    We want people to come and enjoy themselves, meet old friends and make new ones, but most of all we want you to get out there and go orienteering. With a big nod to the Barebones orienteering concept from Canada, and a big slab of input from things said on nopesport we want for you to enjoy your weekend, but also we're lazy and want to put on a great event with the minimum of effort.