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    The event will be based at Arisaig, on the west coast of Scotland. It may be worth considering that whlie out of the way, Arisaig is accessible by public transport. The west coast railway, made famous by the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter movies, borders the event area and passes right by the event centre which is about 2km from the railway station. This makes access to the event simple by train or even by bus, and it is certainly worth investigating cheap flights by ryanair and easyjet to Glasgow's Prestwick & International Airports.

    If you are camping on site then car parking is included in your camping fee, otherwise it will cost 1 per day - another great reason to stay onsite! Camping will cost a reduced fee of 6 per night per person (Less for a weekend booking). Onsite there is toilet, shower & laundry facilities. Book your place alongside your entry over on the nopesport shop.

    Above is a photo of the campsite, the competition area looming in the background!

    Days 1 & 2 - Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August - Arisaig
    Planner Day 1: Pyrat
    Planner Day 2: Brooner

    A truely wonderful area which has only ever been used once, for the Scottish 6 days at Lochaber 2001. Described by mapper Jon Musgrave as "The most technical open area in Great Britain" it is a sheer delight in terms of both technicality and runability - not to mention some of the finest views you could wish for whilst orienteering. An intricate open hillside with few line features, but good runability throughout - as long as you don't mind climb! SI punching will be used and there should be commentary on both days as well as prizes for individual days and overall.

    Day 3 - Monday 29th August - Glen Nevis
    Planner Day 3: Wattok

    Day 3 will see a short sharp relay race before people head off homeward bound, a highly exciting and spectator friendly finale to the weekend is planned for this fast and technical wee area. Handicapped to create good racing no matter what the team makeup, there will be various prize categories.

    Here's a rough guide to the courses that will be on offer on the Individual Days:

    Big Thistle ~ 10km,
    Technical Difficulty 5, a good tough orienteering test.

    Medium Thistle ~ 6km,
    Technical Difficulty 5, a shorter but still tough test.

    Small Thistle ~ 4km,
    Technical Difficulty 4, a slightly easier and shorter course.

    Baby Thistle ~ 3km,
    Technical Difficulty 2/3, one for the younger orienteers.

    We also hope to be able to provide, once each day, a map walk/coaching session around the Baby Thistle Course. This will hopefully be led by both qualified coaches, as well as some Elite athletes.

    And on offer at the Relays:

    4 Classes ranging from about 3km ~ 6.5km,
    M/W15-, M16-45, W16-45, M/W46+.
    Once again, the M/W15- course, due to the nature of the area, will be on the difficult side and would not be suitable for U12s without supervision.

    We aren't just going to provide you with orienteering throughout the weekend, we're offering the chance to get together with other people and have some fun away from the competing.

    With a whole host of things planned throughout the weekend such as rounders, frisbee, 5 a side football, O-Bing, Buy a Bachelor, string courses & crazy races, as well as a huge party and feast, not to mention a whole lot more! There really will be something for everyone. And of course, the [nope] cartel will be involved in putting on a show of how to have some fun.