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    Organising Club:Auld Reekie Orienteering Society

    Organiser: Brooner

    Planners: James Tullie & Jess Halliday

    Dates: 18 & 19 August

    Event Centre: Kinloid Farm, Arisaig

    Final details are available here

    After another sabbatical, the Purple Thistle weekend returns once again to the calendar for 2012 and once more back to the West coast of Scotland where it all began. It has been seven years and a further three editions since we were last at Arisaig, and yet this fantastic area still hasn't seen any more orienteering action and many missed out last time. If you don't know Arisaig, it offers top quality terrain and a fantastic setting for Barebones orienteering.

    For those of you who do not know of the barebones concept, it is all about taking the fuss out of event organisation as much as possible while still providing an event of the highest quality, with a great atmosphere and enjoyment for all - including the organisers! So all that is left for you is the things that matter for a quality orienteering experience (maps, courses, controls and electronic punching) and a bunch of likeminded people out to enjoy a weekend away from it all in a beautiful part of the country.

    Event Centre 2012

    The event will be based at Kinloid Farm, Arisaig, on the west coast of Scotland. It may be worth considering that whlie out of the way, Arisaig is accessible by public transport. The west coast railway, made famous by the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter movies, borders the event area and passes right by the event centre, which is about 2km from the railway station. This makes access to the event simple by train or even by bus, and it is certainly worth investigating cheap flights by ryanair and easyjet to Glasgow's Prestwick & International Airports.

    If you are camping on site then car parking is included in your camping fee, otherwise it will cost 1 per day - another great reason to stay onsite! Camping will cost just 6 per night per person and onsite there is toilet, shower & laundry facilities. Book your place alongside your entry over on the OEntries website.

    Above is a photo of the campsite, the competition area looming in the background!

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    The Races 2012
    Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August - Arisaig

    Planners: James Tullie & Jess Halliday

    A truely wonderful area which has only ever been used once for a major event, the Scottish 6 days at Lochaber 2001, and then visited again by us back in 2005. Described by mapper Jon Musgrave as "The most technical open area in Great Britain" it is a sheer delight in terms of both technicality and runability - not to mention some of the finest views you could wish for whilst orienteering. An intricate open hillside with few line features, but good runability throughout - as long as you don't mind climb!


    As usual we will probably be providing 5 main courses each day (perhaps with the addition of an all controls score course), with one sure to suit any ability. The following is a rough guide to help you choose, day 2 courses will be approx ~10% shorter than stated:

    • Mighty Thistle ~ 12km – TD5 - Technically & Physically demanding
    • Big Thistle ~ 9.5km – TD5 – Same technical level but shorter.
    • Medium Thistle ~ 7km – TD5 - As Technical the as the mighty but without the distance
    • Small Thistle ~ 4km - TD4 – Slightly easier & shorter, suitable for progressing intermediates
    • Baby Thistle ~ 2.5km – TD2/3 - Suitable for beginners
    Planners Comments
    JT: I'd not been back to Arisaig since the six day (when I was just a nipper), it doesn't dissappoint. It's simply a fantastic bit of terrain with spectacular views out to the small Isles and north to Skye. With great contour and rock detail throughout and very little in the way of line features the navigation is challenging and enjoyable. Underfoot is a mixture of grass, heather and the odd tussock. Despite the area being free of sheep, there are large herds of deer roaming around, and they have kept the vegetation down so the runnability is generally good. Nearer the coast there has also been considerable heather burning which makes the going very fast. As a guide I ran round the mighty both days checking courses in 7min/kms.


    Entries are available online only via, closing on August 5th.

    Entry fees per day:

    • Seniors - £6
    • Students/Juniors - £3
    • Electronic punching hire - £1

    Camping fees:

    • £6 per person, per night

    Profits from the event will be going to support the Scottish Elite Development Squad

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    This may be the last PT for a while (although we'll never say never...) so come enjoy some craic with the fine folk who travel far and wide to join us doing what we love, we'll be having the prizegiving in a local pub.