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Purple Thistle 2006:

    Participant Comments:

"Dave Godfree" posting on Nopesport
"Another excellent day's orienteering today.
A great weekend.... tough, exhausting, wonderful terrain.... many thanks for the opportunity to run there."
"RJ" posting on Nopesport
"Very technical, very tough. Well done Brooner & Co."
"Mark Nixon" posting on Nopesport
"An awesome weekend, many thanks to many people, especially brooner and becky, wattok et al,

One of the best weekends of orienteering I have ever done."
"Steve Watkins" posting on Nopesport
"Here's some more heartfelt thanks to everyone for organising a great weekend. Tough but absorbing orienteering meant the (extended) times out in the forest just flew by. Definitely worth the drive!"
"Ben Roberts" posting on Nopesport
"congratulations on being responsible for my worst mins/km ever....

nevertheless i did enjoy it! "