31st March 2017, Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill nr Aberfoyle

Dark Thistle is UK Night O reinvented. Introducing a Scandinavian concept night O championship event to the shores of the UK. Real Night O in Real terrain.

Dark Thistle

Dark Thistle is UK Night O reinvented. Introducing a Scandinavian concept night O championship event to the shores of the UK. Real Night O in Real terrain.

First held in 2016, it returns in Spring 2017!!

It will take place on the 31st March 2017 at Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill near Aberfoyle.

All courses will be Mass Start, roughly Hagaby* format and Technical Difficulty 5. See Courses for more course details.

Provisional Details

Dark Thistle Final Details – Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill – 31st March 2017

Car Parking:

◦ At the Public Car Park in Aberfoyle.

◦ see map here.


◦ Competitors must register in the Car Park before 19:45.

Check, clear and map pick-up will be at registration.


Race briefing will take place in the Car Park at 19:45. Kit checks will be conducted.

Competitors missing the race briefing will not be allowed to start.

◦ Competitors will then proceed together c. 1.5km to the start for mass start at 20:15.

◦ Short and Long competitors will start together.

◦ Start kite is 100m from the mass start area. .


Long – approx 10km

Short – approx 5km

◦ Courses are gaffled.

◦ Reflective night markers and SI punching system will be used.


◦ The Finish will be remote ~1km from the car park and clothing will be transfered from start to finish.

The finish is remote (c. 1km). Download will be at the Finish, navigate back to car park. The route is marked on the course map and follows the route from the car park to the start.

◦ Competitors must report to download, even if they fail to finish.

◦ The finish will be manned and SEDS will adjudicate on victors in the event of a sprint finish.


Whistles and spare torches are compulsory.

◦ Cagoules are strongly recommended and may be made compulsory depending on weather conditions.

◦ Competitors are encouraged to wear clothes appropriate to the conditions.

Race Safety:

◦ Competitors compete at their own risk.

Courses close at 22:30. Competitors must report to either the finish or to download by this time. Controls will be collected from this time.

◦ An emergency contact will be provided nearer the time.


◦ No portable toilets will be made available.

◦ There are public toilets located in Aberfoyle, however these may be closer prior to the start of the race. Competitors are encouraged to 'go' on their journey to the race, and we would ask that the local pubs, cafes etc are only used if you are giving them custom!


SEDS wishes to thank the Forestry Commission for supporting the event.

Also, thanks go to Clyde Orienteers for the use of Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill and FVO for lending SI and night kite equipment.

Officials: Doug Tullie & Bex Harding

Organiser: SEDS

Planner: SEDS

Technology guru: SEDS


There will be two courses, long and short:


Length: 10k

EWT: 65min

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Length: 5k

EWT: 40min

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All courses will be Mass Start, Hagaby format and Technical Difficulty 5.

Entry List

Current entries can be found here.


Results can be found here.